June 1, 2017

To:       All Commercial Customers

Due to severe increased claims cost inflation for auto insurance, underwriting is becoming stricter on this coverage line. This is an industry wide issue that is resulting in increased premiums as well as a higher standard of underwriting requirements. Any business that has a commercial auto exposure is expected to operate at a certain level of care and have policies and procedures in place that reduce and limit the potential for accidents.

Consider implementing the following to help control accidents:

This system prevents drivers from any calling, app use, texting and emailing unless the vehicle is stopped.

Dash, rear and side view cameras can provide useful information to exonerate a driver if wrongly accused of causing a crash.

GPS can help monitor your driver’s routes as well as provide information for fuel efficiency.

Along with a committed, well managed to a fleet safety program, investments in these devices will certainly help your business to obtain the most competitive auto premiums available.

Thank you,

Chastain & Associates Commercial Insurance Department

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